burn [1] VERB (past and past part. burned or chiefly Brit. burnt) 1) (of a fire) flame or glow while consuming a fuel. 2) be or cause to be harmed or destroyed by fire. 3) use (a fuel) as a source of heat or energy. 4) (of the skin) become red and painful through exposure to the sun. 5) (be burning with) be entirely possessed by (a desire or emotion). 6) (burn out) become exhausted through overwork. 7) informal drive very fast.
NOUN an injury caused by burning.
burn one's boats (or bridges) — Cf. ↑burn one's bridges
burn the candle at both ends — Cf. ↑burn the candle at both ends
burn a hole in one's pocket — Cf. ↑burn a hole in one's pocket
burn the midnight oil — Cf. ↑burn the midnight oil
burn rubber — Cf. ↑burn rubber
ORIGIN Old English.
burn [2] NOUN Scottish & N. English a small stream.
ORIGIN Old English.

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